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Frequently Asked Questions

About Achieva
  • Where are you located?
  • Is this the same as the online banking offered by banks?
  • Why am I receiving an election package for the Cambrian Credit Union Board of Directors?
  • How do I vote in the Cambrian Director Elections?

Rates & Fees
  • Are there any fees?
  • Will the interest rate change?
  • Why don’t you negotiate your rates?


Opening & Using Your Account
  • How do I apply for an account?
  • Is there a minimum opening deposit?
  • Is my money immediately accessible?
  • Can my business or other organization open an Achieva Account?
  • Why do I have to send my deposits to a box number?
  • Why can't I drop off my deposit at a Cambrian Credit Union branch?
  • Should I use my Savings Account for all my banking?
  • Can I pay bills from this account?
  • Can I open a trust account?
  • Do you accept U.S. cheques or offer U.S. dollar accounts?
  • Do I get a statement?
  • Why am I getting a blank page when downloading documents using my iOS device?