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How do I set up alerts on my account?

To set up or edit Alerts

You can set up alerts to get notified about specific transactions, when statements or tax receipts are available, GIC renewals and other events.

1. Log into Achieva Online Banking

2. Click on your name and select "Profile & Settings"

3. Go to the Alert that you want to turn on or  off and click the arrow

   To turn the Alert on

   - Use the toggle to choose to receive the alert by email, text

   or both

   To turn the Alert off

   - Click on the toggle to turn the alert off

To set up alerts on your account

  1. Login to the Achieva Mobile App
  2. Go to the "More" menu
  3. Select "Alerts"
  4. Click the arrow beside the Alert you want to turn on
  5. Select how you want to receive the alert ( email, text or both)