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Our new Achieva Online Banking was launched on June 5th!
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Online Statements & Documents

Sign up to receive all documents electronically and we'll pay you $1 a month for helping us go paperless.

Online Statements & Documents

When you choose “Online Statements & Documents” we display your monthly account statements, term renewal notices (GIC, RRSP and TFSAs), and any tax receipts in Achieva Online Banking when ready.

Switching to online documents is easy! After logging in to Achieva Online Banking, select "Yes" under the "Turn On Online Documents" option and click "Submit" below.

What kind of tax receipts would I receive?

Depending on your account & transactions, you could receive T5, T4RSP, T4RIF, NR4 and RSP Official Contribution Receipts electronically in Achieva Online Banking.

How long are my online documents stored on Achieva Online Banking?

• Monthly and quarterly account statements are stored for 7 years.

• Tax receipts are stored for 7 years.

• Term renewal notices appear 21 days before maturity of your term and disappear when renewed within those 21 days or at maturity of that term.

How will I know when my online documents are available?

You must set up alerts in Achieva Online Banking to be notified via email, text message, or both that your documents are available for viewing or printing. Go to Account Services/Manage My Alerts to set up your alerts.

Can I receive some documents electronically and some via mail?

You must choose to receive all documents electronically or all documents via mail.

What if I need a hard copy of these documents? Can I print them?

All online documents are stored as PDFs and can be printed in Achieva Online Banking.