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Referral Petal Program

We’re proud that more than 94% of new Achieva customers would recommend us to their friends and family.* To show our appreciation for those that recommend us to their fellow savers, we offer a cash bonus through our Referral Petal program.

Earn up to $100

If you’ve been referred to us by an Achieva customer, let us know by using their Referral Petal code when you open a qualifying account. As well as getting all the benefits of saving with Achieva, we’ll reward each of you with a $25 cash bonus.

Each Achieva customer can collect up to 4 referral bonuses each year by referring their fellow savers, for a total of $100 in bonus cash every year. Refer using online banking or on your smartphone by using the AchievaMobile app.

To qualify for the bonus, new accounts must:
  • Meet regular account opening eligibility
  • Minimum $250 required in new account.
  • Account must remain open for at least one month.
  • No one named on an Achieva account in the last 12 months is eligible

See Terms and Conditions for full details.

*Results from 2018 Pele Research annual survey of new Achieva customers. 

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