When Safety Matters

by Achieva Financial
Apr April 28

If you have been following the financial news over the past couple of weeks it would be hard to miss the shaken confidence many depositors are now feeling given the reported lending practices by certain mortgage lenders.

These concerns have been widely reported through these past weeks where depositors have been firmly reminded of the underlying risks that exist within our industry and the need for reflective consideration when entrusting their deposits with any financial intermediary.

Trust and confidence are the cornerstones to our industry. At Achieva Financial we have been helping Canadians grow their savings for almost 20 years. We have consistently offered among the highest interest rates on Savings, GICs and Registered Retirement Accounts that are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

As a division of Cambrian Credit Union, Achieva forms part of an exceptionally strong financial institution that has been in operation since 1959. Cambrian does not use mortgage brokers to grow its retail mortgage portfolio, nor does it participate in sub-prime lending activities. The superior deposit rates offered by Achieva are the result of our discipline to keeping operating costs low and having minimal loan write-offs.

Confidence, trust and safety do matter, and we work very hard to never take this for granted.